Stride Right Mats was founded by a former D1 college baseball player Derek Locascio. In 2015, he spent the summer helping out with youth baseball programs. It was there where he first realized the lack of consistent stance and stride in players’ practice routines and game performance. Already having realized the benefits of proper foot positioning in his baseball career, Derek set out to create a training aid to help baseball and softball players improve their hitting and pitching techniques.

Our goal is to provide maximum value to the players, parents, coaches and trainers that use our products and training system. We aim to make it easy for players to consistently improve their baseball and softball skills when training on their own or with the help of a coach. The Stride Right Mats training system was designed to help players gain a competitive advantage on the field as well as to train players in developing the right stance and stride habits to protect their bodies with healthy mechanics during practice drills. The ability to recognize improper form or form that is lapsing due to fatigue is crucial in preventing sports injuries.

We practice continual improvement, we love customer feedback, and we look forward to hearing from you about how our mats and target products help you or the baseball and softball players you’re coaching and cheering on.

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