Advanced Hitter Single Box

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The Advanced Hitter Single Box is our most versatile baseball mat. It includes a full length MLB regulation batters box on one side and is flippable for both left handed and right handed hitters.  You can hit in either direction. This mat is ideal for smaller batting cages, provides a cost efficient design, and allows for easy portability.  

    • Size: 4.5 Feet by 6 Feet
    • Material: Nylon Loop Surface
    • Age: All Ages (Beginners to Advanced)
    • Made for batting cages, coaches and institutions




Features & Details

  • EASY LEARNING: The StrideRightMats patented labeled grid system provides “a map” that everyone can read. Nothing is lost in translation.
  • BECOME BETTER: Instant visual feedback on your stance and stride allows you to find where you have the best power and contact.
  • BUILD CONSISTENCY: Reinforce habits by committing your new found stance and stride to muscle memory for lasting improvements.
  • BOOST CONFIDENCE: Beat your competition on Game day and be the hitter that gets celebrated.
  • GAME DAY FEEL: New durable Nylon loop surface with anti-slip rubber backing provides the hitter with the perfect amount of traction as a hitting surface.


For baseball & softball players, our mats will help players identify and master the basics of plate positioning, stance and stride. 

The inability to master fundamental skills is the primary reason kids leave the game. At Stride Right Mats, our goal is to create valuable baseball and softball training aids allowing players to learn and improve their skills giving them greater success and keeping them in the game longer.

We are constantly evaluating and improving our baseball and softball training equipment. We love the game of baseball and softball and we’re working to make it more fun to play. We stand by our products and will do our best to create and deliver innovative equipment.

Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions54 × 6 × 6 in


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