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The Beginning Hitter is our best selling training mat. Its lightweight, anti-slip design provides portability and surface protection to be the perfect mat for young players learning the fundamentals of ground-up hitting in baseball and softball. 

  • EASY LEARNING: The Stride Right Mats patented labeled grid system provides “a map” for foot placement that every athlete can follow even at a young age.
  • EXPERIMENT & IMPROVE: Instant visual feedback on your stance and stride allows you to identify when you generate the best power and contact.
  • BUILD CONSISTENCY: Reinforce habits by committing your newfound stance and stride to muscle memory for lasting improvements at the plate.
  • BOOST CONFIDENCE: Beat your competition on gameday and be or coach the hitter that delivers for their team.
  • GAMEDAY FEEL: New durable Nylon loop turf surface with anti-slip rubber backing provides the hitter with the perfect amount of traction as a hitting surface throughout training sessions.





For baseball & softball players, our mats will help players identify and master the basics of plate positioning, stance and stride. 

The inability to develop fundamental skills is the primary reason kids leave the game. At Stride Right Mats, our goal is to create valuable baseball and softball training aids allowing players to learn and improve their skills giving them greater success and enjoyment of the sport, keeping them in the game longer.

We are constantly evaluating and refining our baseball and softball training equipment. We stand by our products and our mission is to create and deliver innovative equipment that helps players grow their ability and love for the games of baseball and softball.


  • Size: 4 Feet by 6.5 Feet
  • Material: Nylon Loop Surface
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Backing: Anti-Slip Rubber Backing for Hard Flat Surfaces
  • Recommended for Ages 12 & Under
  • Used in training by individuals, little league coaches and teams


Additional information

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions48 × 6 × 6 in

28 reviews for Baseball & Softball Hitting Mat for Beginning Hitters | Stride Right Mats

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    Thank your for developing this really easy to use hitting tool at an affordable price. My 7 yr old son has been working with this mat for a little under a month and with its intuitive and easy to read visual aids, he’s been able to recreate what we practice at home and bring it to the field. He’s been able to identify his power stride, maintain balanced, and build strong muscle memory be repeating the same outcome every time. Whenever we need to make a correction, he easily pauses, looks at his foot placement, and corrects it on the fly. We’re able to remedy bad habits in an instant.

  2. Sean (verified owner)

    Great product, arrived on time and as described.

  3. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Purchased this hitting mat for my 10 year old son. We hit in the basement into a net via a hitting tee or when I short toss to him. I’m trying to teach him a shorter stride which will help quicken up his bat. I’ve noticed since we have been working on a shorter stride that he can get around on an inside pitch sooner and he seems to hit the ball harder with the shorter stride. Can’t wait to get him outside.

  4. Steven (verified owner)

    Anti-slide works! This mat has an anti-slide backing that makes it much easier to use with our hitters. Thanks for introducing us to this product!

  5. Broc (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  6. Harold (verified owner)

    Perfect for helping kids learn where to put their feet.

  7. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Recommend for youth. Came in good shape good for training.

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    Good price and mat a little small

  9. Mike (verified owner)

    Great idea! Great hitting mat! Perfect for teaching correct position at the plate.

  10. Steven

    So far so good, using it a lot and holding up good so far.

  11. Tonya

    Perfect for what we need!

  12. Trent

    Been using this mat for over 3 months now hitting with my sons in the garage. No signs of any wear yet. They’re younger so don’t think they are putting too much stress on the mat. They love hitting on it.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Very durable mat, and a great training in helping my hitting strides become more consistent

  14. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Very durable mat, and a great training in helping my hitting strides become more consistent and a great training in helping my hitting strides become more

  15. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Five Stars. Shipped quickly. Quality mat. Just what we needed!

  16. Mommy of 2

    Great batting box for use with the tee. Helps you get technical with your stride!

  17. Susan

    PHENOMENAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Although we didn’t love the mat, this seller was INCREDIBLE. Reached out to me PERSONALLY immediately and made it right. I would definitely do business with him again. Thanks for the great customer service. I was truly impressed. Thank you!

  18. Mike

    Quality Design. Awesome design. Definitely helps with consistent foot alignment at the plate.

  19. Joe (verified owner)

    Great product, full batter box and reasonably priced. Helps my 8 yr old line his feet up properly and finish properly

  20. Don

    AWESOME COMPANY!!!! GREAT TOOL FOR PLAYERS OF ALL AGES!!! Derek and his team reached out to me when I had a problem with my first mat. My mat was replaced within a couple of business days. My son and I have noticed immediate improvement with his batting stance, stride, and finding where he likes to stand in the batters box. I love the fact that he can correct himself when using this mat!

  21. Mike

    This mat is perfect for all levels. I currently have a tee ball team and two weeks ago they had no idea where their feet needed to be. This mat has helped my whole team learn to walk up to the plate and position themselves perfectly giving them the ultimate advantage with making solid contact with the ball.

  22. Mike

    Great for my 6 year old. I have not had it long enough to speak as to how durable it will be. I bought two of them, one for inside and one to leave outside. The markings are detailed and easy to see and remember. I does help you teach your young hitter how to stand at the plate and make proper fundamental swings. It is like any other practice / learning aid out there, how much time you spend practicing proper technique will decide how beneficial it is for you.

  23. Jerome

    Excellent! I work with the Mets organization. Is there a way that you could try to make one that we could use on the actual mound. Overall, I love it. I use the one I have for hitting and I wanted to purchase one for the mound. I think our young players in our organization can benefit from it since we have some players with direction problems.

  24. Cinthia (verified owner)

    Decent quality with good value. A bit thin and moves around a bit under feet. I would recommend this for 10 and under. Older kids need a mat that is more substantial.

  25. Kyle

    Great product, good durability, fast shipping.

  26. Mark

    Great training tool. Really helps my kid understand his foot placement. He’s memorized his numbers and I no longer have to tell him to fix his feet. Pretty durable too.

  27. Sean (verified owner)

    Really valuable training tool for foot placement at the plate! Works great to keep kids focused on foot placement and stride length when doing drill, anything from tee work too soft toss to bp… my only gripe is it’s not very thick at all… we keep ours stored out of the weather when not in use so I can’t speak too durability in those scenarios where it wouldn’t be cleaned and stored after use… I will say this those I would make sure you use turf shores or tennis shoes when using this and not cleats of any kind… it will not hold up too cleats… all that being said it is a great training aid but grossly overpriced for the quality of the material

  28. Sean (verified owner)

    Great product. Excellent for use in my garage with my boys. The lines help my boys remember where to put their feet. However, it does curl up on the sides a little, I think because it is a very thin version of this mat. However, if it were thicker, it would be heavier and I think I prefer the curl on the edges and keeping it light.

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