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The Elite Hitter is our largest training mat and includes an MLB regulation batters box. This mat is ideal for batting cages & facilities in the market for a large and durable hitting surface that stays in the cage and provides unique value to athletes.

    • EASY LEARNING: The Stride Right Mats patented labeled grid system provides “a map” for foot placement that every athlete can follow even at a young age.
    • EXPERIMENT & IMPROVE: Instant visual feedback on your stance and stride allows you to identify when you generate the best power and contact.
    • BUILD CONSISTENCY: Reinforce habits by committing your newfound stance and stride to muscle memory for lasting improvements at the plate.
    • BOOST CONFIDENCE: Beat your competition on gameday and be or coach the hitter that delivers for their team.
    • GAMEDAY FEEL: New durable Nylon loop turf surface with anti-slip rubber backing provides the hitter with the perfect amount of traction as a hitting surface throughout training sessions.





Improving your baseball or softball swing starts from the ground up with your hitting setup, stance, and stride. The Stride Right Mat acts as a baseball training aid that helps players and coaches experiment to identify areas in the stance and stride that can be adjusted and improved for better baseball ball contact, and increased RBI & on-base percentage. By adding variation into their training routine and practicing adjustments to setup, stance, and stride, players practicing with Stride Right Mats become more versatile and equipped for all hitting scenarios thrown their way.

Once you’ve found success in your foundational footwork, the patented grid training system helps baseball & softball players consistently practice successful swing movements by providing them with instant visual feedback.

For beginning players, our mats will help players identify, recreate and master the basics of plate positioning, stance and stride.

For more experienced players, our mats can be used as a way to measure current successes and make minor adjustments leading to more efficient training and increased ball contact.

The inability to develop fundamental skills is the primary reason kids leave the game. At Stride Right Mats, our goal is to create valuable baseball and softball training aids allowing players to learn and improve their skills giving them greater success and enjoyment of the sport, keeping them in the game longer.

We are constantly evaluating and refining our baseball and softball training equipment. We stand by our products and our mission is to create and deliver innovative equipment that helps players grow their ability and love for the games of baseball and softball.

5 reviews for Baseball & Softball Hitting Mat for Elite Hitters | Stride Right Mats

  1. Shaun

    Great Mat

    Bought this to put in my batting cage and mat is great. Very sturdy and does not slide

  2. Das

    Love this mat, great for indoors getting my son ready for baseball, Will probably by another to have outside soon worth every penny highly recommend

  3. Jake

    We initially purchased the hitting mat for our high school softball team and immediately began to see the improvements in our hitters staying on the ball all the way through the swing. So when the pitching mat became available we ordered one and immediately our pitchers control and stride improved. Since then we have purchased another mat for our summer club team and are using both mats at our training center for our hitting and pitching lessons. This is a great product for teaching players how to hit and pitch the right way.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Customer service is eclipsed only by the quality of the Stride Right products. We have an indoor hitting facility in Ocala, FL and we teach from the ground up to hit well. Stride Right helps provide for the foundation of a great baseball swing – your feet!

  5. Sean

    Great Mat

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