Baseball & Softball Dual Purpose Instructional Pitching Mat & Training Aid (3′ X 7′)


Features & Benefits

  • EASY LEARNING: The Stride Right Mats patented labeled grid system provides “a map” for setup and landing foot placement that every pitcher can follow even at a young age.
  • EXPERIMENT & IMPROVE: Instant visual feedback on your stride length and pitching lane allows you to identify the foot and leg work that allows you to throw hardest and most accurately.
  • BUILD CONSISTENCY: Reinforce habits by committing your newfound setup and stride to muscle memory for lasting improvements on the pitching mound.
  • BOOST CONFIDENCE: Beat your competition on gameday and be or coach the the pitcher that delivers strikes and outs for their team.
  • GAMEDAY FEEL: Push off the attached Regulation Pitching Rubber (dimensions: 24 x 6 inches) to prepare for competition.





Better baseball and fastpitch softball pitching starts from the ground up. The Stride Right pitching mat can be used as a baseball and fastpitch softball training aid. It helps players and coaches identify areas in the setup, stance and pitching stride to be adjusted and improved efficiently. Once you’ve found success in your foundational footwork, the patented grid training system helps players repeatedly practice effective throwing movements. Our softball / baseball pitch training mats provide instant visual feedback allowing easy instruction for baseball and fast-pitch softball.

The Advanced Pitcher pitching training mat is 3 feet by 7 feet and comes complete with a regulation pitching rubber. The grid system runs all the way down the mat acting as a power-line and a pitching stride distance trainer. It is made out of tough Nylon fiber and has a durable rubber backing, similar to traditional turf pitching mats but with a softer feel to help with endurance, prevent stress injury, and maintain safe practice sessions. We recommend only throwing in turf shoes, not baseball / softball cleats or spikes.

The pitching lanes line up to pair well with our Advanced & Elite Hitting Mats acting as a throwing target for pitchers.

For beginning players, this mat is perfect for understanding the importance of a consistent stance and stride length. It can then help challenge pitchers to increase their vertical stride distance.

For more experienced players, our mats can be used as a way to benchmark their performance and evaluate the successes of adjustments, leading to more targeted training to improve speed and control on throws.

The inability to develop fundamental skills is the primary reason kids leave the game. At Stride Right Mats, our goal is to create valuable baseball and softball training aids allowing players to learn and improve their skills giving them greater success and enjoyment of the sport, keeping them in the game longer.

We are constantly evaluating and improving our baseball and softball training equipment. We value the input of players, coaches, and parents as we are working to create more options for pitching nets, pitching targets and pitching mounds. We stand by our products and our mission is to create and deliver innovative equipment that helps players grow their ability and love for the games of baseball and softball.

Additional information

Weight26 lbs
Dimensions36 × 6 × 6 in


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