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The Advanced Pitcher is our #1 selling baseball & softball pitching mat. Complete with a regulation pitching rubber and stride lines that measure every 6 inches, this mat can help pitchers push themselves to increase their stride and improve their pitch speed.

    • Size: 4 Feet by 10 Feet
    • Material: Nylon Loop Surface
    • Weight: 32 LBS
    • Age: All Ages
    • Made for: Individuals, batting cages, coaches and institutions
    • Works on: Hard Flat Surfaces, Concrete, Gym Floor, Garages, Short Turf




Features & Details

  • EASY LEARNING: The StrideRightMats patented labeled grid system provides “a map” that everyone can read. Nothing is lost in translation.
  • BECOME BETTER: Instant visual feedback on your stance and stride allows you to find where you have the best power and contact.
  • BUILD CONSISTENCY: Reinforce habits by committing your new found stance and stride to muscle memory for lasting improvements.
  • BOOST CONFIDENCE: Beat your competition on Game day and be the hitter that gets celebrated.
  • GAME DAY FEEL: New durable Nylon loop surface with anti-slip rubber backing provides the hitter with the perfect amount of traction as a hitting surface.


Better baseball and softball pitching starts from the ground up. The Stride Right pitching mat can be used as a baseball and fast-pitch softball training aid. It helps players and coaches find and identify areas in the stance and pitching stride that can be adjusted and improved. Once you’ve found success in your foundational footwork, the patented grid training system helps players repeatedly practice that successful throwing movement. Our softball/baseball pitch training mats provide instant visual feedback allowing easy instruction for baseball and fast-pitch softball.

The Advanced Pitcher pitching training mat is 10 feet by 4 feet and comes complete with a regulation pitching rubber. There is a grid system running all the way down the mat that act as a power-line and a pitching stride distance trainer. It is made out of tough Nylon fiber and has a durable rubber backing, similar to the traditional turf pitching mats with a softer feel. We recommend only throwing in turf shoes, not baseball/softball cleats or spikes.

The pitching lanes will line up with our Advanced & Elite Hitting Mats acting as a throwing target for pitchers.

For beginning players, this mat is perfect for understanding the importance of a consistent stance and stride length. It can then help challenge pitchers to increase their vertical stride distance.

For more experienced players, our mats can be used as a way to measure current successes and make minor adjustments leading to better training and faster more accurate throws.

The inability to master fundamental skills is the primary reason kids leave the game. At Stride Right Mats, our goal is to create valuable baseball and softball training aids allowing kids to learn and improve their skills giving them greater success and keeping them in the game longer.

We are constantly evaluating and improving our baseball and softball training equipment. We are working to bring more pitching nets, pitching targets and pitching mounds. We stand by our products and will do our best to create and deliver innovative training aids.

Additional information

Weight32 lbs
Dimensions48 × 8 × 8 in

19 reviews for Baseball & Softball Instructional Pitching Mat | Advanced Pitcher

  1. Mike

    The pitching rubber is the perfect thickness and secured well. The markings make it very easy to measure your stride, make adjustments, and accurately track your progress. The mat itself is thick enough to stay in place, and light enough to be manageable. We couldn’t be happier, can’t think of a thing to change. Company customer service was excellent!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Got this for my daughter because I liked the layout of the grid. Works great for her to target a spot and be consistent every time. She likes it.

    Downside was that it took 1 month for delivery from my order date. Also it has started to “shed” right away. I hope it holds up long term…

  3. Small Town

    I am very much impressed with the quality of new mats. Thank you for standing by your products and correcting issues with original mat by replacing the first product with a better quality product.

    Much appreciated!

  4. Jake

    We initially purchased the hitting mat for our high school softball team and immediately began to see the improvements in our hitters staying on the ball all the way through the swing. So when the pitching mat became available we ordered one and immediately our pitchers control and stride improved. Since then we have purchased another mat for our summer club team and are using both mats at our training center for our hitting and pitching lessons. This is a great product for teaching players how to hit and pitch the right way.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Holding up great even after heavy use & the anti slip hasn’t … We have used this mat on flat ground work for a couple months. Holding up great even after heavy use & the anti slip hasn’t worn. I strongly recommend

  6. Amazon Customer

    Super pleased, this has worked exceptionally for our daughter. We really like it because it has the measurements on it so she can see how far out she is striding. With the carrying harness it made it very easy to pack around. Her pitching coach is a D1 pitcher and she was highly impressed with it. We would highly recommend this.

  7. Mike

    Great teaching tool, versatile training aide that transcends age and talent levels

  8. Darren

    Excellent product! I use this mat with my team of 10-11 year olds. Promotes consistent stride length and keeps stride foot in line with the target. Rolls up easily for storage. I’ll likely be using this for years to come.

  9. Kimberly

    This company went out of their way to make things right! I ordered this to help our girls pitch indoors during the winter months. We had a problem with a wear holr with in just a few weeks…….I wrote the company and they sent us a new and improved mat! The girls love it and it is way more durable! It does slip a little on the hard wood floor but not bad! This is the mat we will be continuing to purchase for our program!

  10. Amazon Customer

    I have an older version (green, white, red) and it is fantastic. I use this for my private pitching students. Super visual feedback. See stride length and direction on every pitch. Money well spent, and it is holding up well.

  11. Tracy

    High quality ! Works great ! Love it ! This mat is awesome ! My daughter has been pitching for 7 years. She needs a plate to push off of. This is perfect for her lesson. Her coach has been coaching for over 30 years. He loves this mat!!

  12. Josh

    Great product!

  13. Terra

    Best pitching mound!!!! 5 star rating! Love this product. It’s the best pitching mound we’ve ever purchased and holds up amazing!

  14. Amazon Customer

    Quality is what’s missing in America. This is an exception to that at my hitting area in my academy.

  15. Rosamond

    My daughter loves her Stride Right mat. It’s very helpful for her to see the length of her landing zone to ensure her pushout is strong and consistent. Great training tool!! Highly recommended!

  16. Sandy

    We bought this for my 14 year old daughter to use during indoor winter practices with her travel team and absolutely love it. It’s stores nicely under her bed and is very easy to transport. It comes with a strap that goes around it at both ends and you just carry over your shoulder. The back of the mat is rubber which prevents the mat from slipping around the floor. We’ve used it outdoors a couple times in our driveway and worked great there as well. It was used by other pitchers on her team as well and has proven to be extremely durable. I expect this mat to last for many years! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a pitching mat.

  17. Raeshell

    Great mat to challenge pitchers!

  18. Amazon Customer

    Girls pitch too! Thanks for a great product. If your daughter is a pitcher like mine she will love it.

  19. Derek

    This product rocks! Our pitchers really enjoy this mat. Nice to have the pitching lanes and stride length on the mat.

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